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As more and more late model 911’s begin to see racetrack duty, it is increasingly apparent that there are significant differences between these cars and the 2,200 pound 911’s of the early seventies. The greatest difference between these cars is not just the horsepower; it’s the weight of the vehicle. The newer cars are 30-40% heavier than their earlier counterparts. With up to 100% more horsepower and all this extra weight, the brakes have quite a task ahead of them. A look through the wheel of any newer 911 shows brake rotors and calipers that have become almost gigantic in proportion. Continue Reading

Your steering wheel seems unusually loose, is it falling off?  Not likely. What is most likely causing the looseness is the deterioration of a small plastic bushing between the steering column and the column bearing.


The bushing has deteriorated and crumbled below the steering column shaft.

The authorized factory repair is to replace the entire bearing assembly. An easier repair method Continue Reading