2002 Silver Porsche Boxster Racecar Build Sheet 

(Car built, serviced and maintained By Steve Grosekemper of 911SG-Racing) 


This 2002 Porsche Boxster-S is a fully street legal and smog legal track ready car. 

Drive to work in air conditioned comfort listening to your favorite play list during the week and head to the track and run hot laps on the weekends. 

This is a stock weight car with all creature comforts as well as a full complement of race track speed and safety equipment. 


This chassis has been reinforced with a Stabile energies 6-point bolt in roll cage. 

All critical areas are covered in high density roll bar padding.

The convertible cloth top has been modified for use with this roll cage. 

Rear tonneau is electrically activated but the top frame is manual to accommodate the roll bar. 

Car comes with a factory black hardtop with modified interior for clearance over the roll cage. 

Front bumper/spoiler is a factory 996 unit with custom stainless ½’ mesh protection grilles.  

Rear bumper is a late 03-04 Porsche 986S unit. 

These bumper/spoilers are perfect fit factory units, not aftermarket.  

Rear trunk lid has been replaced with a fiberglass unit with integrated  large full length fixed spoiler. 


Engine is a stock 3.2L Boxster-S unit with 100% stock exhaust. 

The current engine is a Porsche replacement unit with approximately 60,000 miles on it. 

Car had an engine out complete service in Dec-2021 where cam tensioner chains and pads were replaced.

Cam housing covers, spark plug tubes and oil pan were resealed at this time.

The remainder of a major service was completed. Spark plugs, filters and fluids.

Modifications include: 

  • An LN Engineering .5 quart deep sump oil pan spacer and X50 baffle kit. 
  • Dual chamber motorsports air/oil separator. 
  • 987 high volume air box conversion (2004 986S 550 Spyder version) 
  • Spec Racing aluminum lightweight flywheel and clutch.  
  • V-band exhaust clamp conversion cat to muffler.  

Transmission was rebuilt by California Motorsport in Lake Havasu Az; modifications include: 

  • Guard racing limited slip differential. 
  • CMS billet differential side cover. 
  • New updated (07) Porsche shift cables with metal ball socket conversion.
  • New complete Lobro/GKN axles were installed in 2016. 


Car has JRZ RS1 single adjustable racing shocks. 

Front coil overs were installed in 2016 and rear’s were just replaced on 2021.

Springs are Eibach 525F/550R  

Front camber plates are solid aluminum mono ball units off set for additional camber. 

Rear camber plates are Tarett aluminum mono ball units.

New front lower control arms (LCA) are stock (Not GT3) with aluminum Tarett thrust arm bushings. 

Rear lower control arm’s are original and stock. 

Car has newer wheel bearing on all four corners and 75mm 911 wheel stud conversion. 

These are not threaded stud inserts but mushroom head 911 wheel studs machined into the hubs. 

These are far safer and stronger than common stud insert kits. 

Car has Tarett GT style adjustable sway bars with adjustable drop links. 

Front sway bar is 28mm 5-hole unit. 

Rear sway bar is 20mm 4-hole unit. 

Tarett toe link/bump steer kit has been installed in front and Tarett toe link kit in rear. 

Car has a power steering hydraulic system cooler mounted to the lower half of the left coolant radiator. 


Wheels and tires on the car: 

1 set 8.5 & 10 x 18 CCW racing wheels (New 245/275 Falken Azenis RT-615K tires) 

Spare/practice wheels and tires: 

1 set 9×17 996 turbo twist wheels in silver (245/245 RE71 tires) 

Brakes are stock 986S brakes with the following upgrades: 

Sebro gas slotted rotors front and rear. 

Pagid racing brake pads; black RS-14 rear and yellow RS-29 front. 

Overhaul calipers and install new seal kit. (Work completed July 2018, six drack days use) 

997 GTS brake coolers have been added for additional air cooling under track conditions. 

Hydraulic brake hoses have been upgraded to stainless braided units and fluid is ATE200.   


Car has Sparco Evo-2 racing seats re-covered in matching Boxster style upholstery. 

Driver’s seat is mounted to a factory sliding rail and passenger seat is mounted to the floor for increased safety and helmet clearance.   

Custom Crow 5-point racing harnesses have been installed with a exp. date of June-2023. 

The factory 3-point seat belts have been retained in modified form to work with the racing seats for daily use. 

Car has a Stabil Energies 6-point bolt in roll cage with welded in mounting plates for superior roll over protection. 

These units are no longer manufactured and the only other option is a custom roll cage. 

Car has an on-board automatic start video camera system mounted on the rear of the roll cage which is switched from the dash. 

A complete built in, hardwired driver cooling system is installed in the car. 

The cooler unit is installed in the front trunk forward of the spare tire. 

Custom insulated water hoses are routed into the car which terminate at the ash tray where they hook up to the drivers fire suit. 

The cool suit system is controlled from a switch on the dash. 

Car has front and rear trailer tie down attachment points for trailering the car when required. 

Car has PCA/POC legal battery power cut-off switch for emergency and storage shut off.  

Car is fully PCA/POC time trial/DE and club racing legal. 

Electronics/instrumentation/data acquisition: 

Car has all stock operational Boxster-S instrumentation with additional gauges in the upper center console. 

Center console gauges are fully custom and removable for easy servicing with extended harnesses and quick release plugs. 

Original radio was in the upper console with factory cup holders. 

The radio was moved to the lower console with the climate control unit. 

The storage tray and cup holders were removed to make room for the new 5×6” additional instrumentation panel. 

The space above these items is the houses a custom VDO 5-gauge pod with additional control switches. 

Gauges include:  

VDO oil pressure, oil temperature, coolant temperature and transmission oil temperature. 

Innovate Motorsports XD16 ARF gauge (Air fuel ratio). 

4 additional micro rocker switches activate: 

Manual override for radiator cooling fans, on board driver cooling system (Cool-suit) , AFR gauge and G2X data acquisition system power. 

G2X data acquisition system display is mounted on a custom bracket above the center console A/C vents. 

The G2X control unit is installed in the front trunk on a custom bracket on the right side of the spare tire location. 

AMB-260 transponder and bracket is mounted to the rear bumper. 

Service schedule: 

All mechanical and fluid service has just been completed and car has no fluid leaks, drips of stains of any sort.