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A popular update for ’74-’84 911s is adding a front fender, radiator style oil cooler, as installed in ’85-’89 factory 911s. While this cooler does a very good job lowering engine oil temperatures, it has one design flaw. The problem is not in the cooler, but in the installation. Placed in the right front fender behind the headlight, turn signal and fog light, it doesn’t get much direct airflow at speed. Continue Reading

It seems for some reason that failures come in groups and this month was no exception.

During the first quarter of this year I have been inundated with requests for information and repairs on ‘74-‘89 911 headlight hi/low switch failures.

These are commonly known as headlight dimmer switches or hi/low switches or turn signal dimmer switches.

It is the combination switch on the left side of the steering column that operates the turn signal and headlight hi/low/flash feature. Continue Reading

ASE test Designations


Most     Recent Testing Period

Test     Series

Last     Printed

Advanced Level     Specialist 2013 Winter L: Advanced Level 3/5/2013
Alternate Fuels     Technician 2013 Winter F: Alternate Fuels 3/5/2013
Engine Machinist 2010 Spring M: Engine Machinist 7/5/2010
Master Automobile     Technician 2013 Winter A: Auto 3/5/2013
Parts Specialist 2013 Winter P: Parts Specialist 3/5/2013
Service Consultant 2013 Winter C: Service     Consultant 3/5/2013
Undercar Specialist 2013 Winter X: Specialty 3/5/2013

Certification   Tests



Expiration     Date


A1 Engine Repair 6/30/2018 Current
A2 Automatic     Transmission/Transaxle 6/30/2018 Current
A3 Manual Drive Train     & Axles 6/30/2018 Current
A4 Suspension &     Steering 6/30/2018 Current
A5 Brakes 6/30/2018 Current
A6 Electrical/Electronic     Systems 6/30/2018 Current
A7 Heating & Air     Conditioning 6/30/2018 Current
A8 Engine Performance 6/30/2018 Current
C1 Automobile Service     Consultant 6/30/2018 Current
F1 Compressed Natural     Gas Vehicle 6/30/2018 Current
L1 Automobile Advanced     Engine Performance 6/30/2018 Current
M1 Cylinder Head     Specialist 6/30/2015 Current
M3 Assembly Specialist 6/30/2015 Current
P2 Automobile Parts 6/30/2018 Current
X1 Exhaust Systems 6/30/2018 Current


California Bureau of Automotive Repair Certification

EI) Smog Check Repair Technician License                3/30/2017                       Current



One of the great design characteristics of early 911s is their infinite design interchangeability. While the cars have evolved gradually over time on the outside, what’s under the skin remained similar enough so that scavengers, such as myself, can find just the right parts to transform their cars into a more advanced version of what they once had.

The part interchangeability we’ll talk about today is the rear sway bar. Pre-‘89 911s use two different Continue Reading

In the past several months I have seen a number of “HOT ROD” 911s all complaining of various abnormal noises. These noises have been described as anything from cam chain noise, to 5th gear noise, to ring and pinion noise. Are all these cars just getting noisier? Are gear surfaces failing? Or are these owners just becoming less tolerant of an inherently noisy car? Well no, most likely not. All of these cars Continue Reading

One of the best things about a 911 is the sound; it is what draws many people to the model in the first place. Anything that can improve that sound can only add to the personality of the car.

This is no recent revelation on my part; companies have been selling aftermarket exhaust systems for 911s since their beginning. The problem with making a better exhaust system for your 911 is Continue Reading

DSC_0590Total miles are 51,000.

At 50,000 miles the car received a complete top end re-freshening along with all new valve springs and titanium retainers

At 28,000 miles “Super Car” improvements were made which include:

650 H.P. 3.4L twin plug/twin turbo engine upgrade. 74.4mm stroke 930 crankshaft and 98mm Mahle motorsports pistons and cylinders. (3367cc actual displacement). Engine case number is still matching!

Twin injector, individual butterfly 962 intake with Zytec engine management.

Car has an on-board 6-way performance switch that controls boost, ignition and fuel. Car makes 350 HP on the lowest setting at .7 Bar and 91 octane fuel and 650HP on the highest setting at 1.3 Bar with 100 octane fuel. Settings 1-3 are for pump gas and 4-6 are for race gas only.


Transmission is stock with 60/40 LSD and Sachs 574 clutch.

993TT brake upgrade w/ Pagid orange brake pads.

Custom Fikse “Profil” wheels 9&11×17 (New Nittto NT-555 245&305-17 tires)

“Desert air conditioning upgrade” A/C blows under 45 degress in 100+ temperatures. Car has 48×18 inch condenser mounted under car in addition to stock front mounted fan fed condenser. (The stock rear condenser was removed to make room for the full width intercooler).

Custom fold away Chromoly roll bar (For rear window access).

Further improvements made in 2005: (@ 39,000 miles):

Custom Pioneer/Audison sound system with removable amp racks and custom trunk liner inserts.

Upgraded suspension including:

22/31 Sanders torsion bars and bushings.

Front mono-ball camber plates.

S.R.P. bump steer kit.

S.R.P. front and rear anti sway bar kits (#23)

Wevo rear A.S.B. mounts.

Re-valved Bilstein shocks.

Upgraded automatic oil cooler temperature control.

Chassis # 050304