Non-model Specific

(The glowing alternator light) 

Looking through the owner’s manual for my 911, I noticed the description for the alternator warning light. You know this indicator as the little red light with the picture of a battery in it. The manual goes on to say that if this light flickers or stays on steady you should take the car in for repair. But what if it glows like Casper with a really bad sunburn? Believe it or not; but there is no reference to this Casper syndrome in the entire manual! Continue Reading

Taking the car in for service is rarely something we look forward to unless you just got that huge end of year bonus that is being transformed into a go faster, turn sharper, stop quicker upgrade.

Most of the time we are taking it in because something doesn’t work; or even worse something doesn’t work intermittently. Some fixes are easy and some are a bit more challenging. But there is something you can do to make this process a little less painful. It is called communication; and it is the most important factor in having a repair done correctly and in a timely fashion. Continue Reading