In 1974 Porsche updated the interior door treatment on 911s. Along with the new door pocket storage arrangement came new inside door handle linkage. This system seemed to work very well for years of trouble-free service. However, in some cars this linkage can become very stiff, making it almost impossible to open the door.

The problem with this original system is mainly in the pull cable. It is a solid pull wire housed in a flexible steel sheath. As time and nature take their toll, this cable becomes rusty. It binds in its housing, causing operation to become quite difficult; sometimes enough to brake the plastic door handle, or even worse, someone’s finely manicured fingernails. (This disaster should be avoided at all cost, trust me on this one!)

Starting with Carrera’s produced after March of 1985, Porsche upgraded this linkage all the way from the handle to the latch. Unfortunately, I don’t own a Carrera–I own a 911SC. Fortunately, Porsche outlines this upgrade in technical bulletin group 5, #8605. The difference in handle effort is truly astounding, due in part to the new ratio of the upgraded reversing bracket and smoothness of the new bowden cable (Remember the old one was a stiff, solid, pull wire).

The parts and qualities needed to update both doors are as follows:

  • 2-911.531.509.01 cable
  • 2-911.531.091.01 pull rod
  • 4-999.507.009.02 snap nut 3.5mm
  • 4-N 014 0869 screw (3.5x16mm)
  • 8-993.531.563.00 clip
  • 1-993.531.083.01 bracket left
  • 1-993.531.084.01 bracket right


This update is fairly simple after removing the door panel and associated hardware. Just take your bag of parts and install them where their matching counterparts were previously located.

The reversing brackets will need their mounting holes re-drilled in the door skin. All of the new parts look the same, only their geometry has changed. This job will take an experienced technician and about 3 hours to complete both doors. There is, however, an abbreviated update that works very well, and gives you about 70% of the benefit of the complete job. It takes about half the time and requires only one part per door. This decreases the cost in half for just parts as well as if you are having your mechanic do it parts and labor. But I would just do the complete update so you don’t keep asking yourself how much better could it have been??

The abbreviated update is as follows:

With door panels removed, take the new bowden cable part #911.531.509.01 and remove the spring from the end. Crimp the remaining spring retainer to the cable end. (This eliminates an annoying rattle). Install the new cable (spring retainer to the front of the car) and adjust out any freeplay. Replacement of cable end retainers is suggested (2-993.531.563.00). Re-install the door panel, and you are all set, manicure intact.

Good Luck!